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SHOWart is a group of professional internatiol dancers, actors, singers and models who will turn each event, wedding or company event into an unforgettable experience. Based on your requests and vision will our team of talented artists create the right show. We can organize almost everything from a shortperformance to an entire event.

Dance show

Unique, elegant and professional choreographies will make your event memorable. Talented dancers in thematic costumes will give it the right direction.

  • Unique dance choreographies

  • Elegant and professional performance

Sing show

Goosebumps guaranteed! Let the singers and musicians hit the stage with your favorite songs and get carried away.

  • Songs on request

  • Pleasant atmosphere



Our SHOWartists in bold costumes will bring your guests to the dance floor with improvised dance performances. If it is on the ski slope, party or dance club – our costumes will be designed based on your vision.


Get the attention of your gueste with our photowall. Our bright colorful costumes will light up each photo with your guests.

Walking acts

Add the event location the right style with our thematic visuals and costumes. Living sculptures, walking figures, walking on stilts will carry your guests into the story of the event and transfer them in time.


Amaze your guests from the begining of the event and let our SHOWartists gracefully welcome your guests in thematic costumes. Handing out gifts or welcome drinks.

  • Living dance table

  • Handing out welcome gifts or drinks

Living Carpet

Living red carpet

Let your guests arrive on a 5m long red carpet including our SHOWartist, who is part of the costume.

Living Table

Living table

A living dancing table which will not only put a smile on the face of your guests but also hand out gifts, leaflets or even small deserts.

Fashion show

Want to show the world new fashion pieces and even more? A dance fashion show on the runway will do it for you and your pieces will get the right amount of attention. Unique, dynamic, dance show full of visual effects created for presenting clothes, shoes or accessories.

  • Dynamic dance show

  • Visual effects

Magic mirror

Magic Mirror is a unique photo product which is an amazing part of every event. The touch photo-mirror opens up a whole new dimension of fun while taking pictures. It offers not only a unique design element but also the newest technology in interactive photography.

Choose the best prop, stand in front of the mirror, make a sexy pose and the mirror will create the most fun memory of the event within a few seconds.

Available are 3 price packages to choose from.

In each package are included fun or thematic props, photowall up to your choice and a pleasant service who can handle it all.

  • Fun props included

  • Photo background and pleasant service included as well

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Contact us

We will create a unique event according to your vision.

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